Anyone who has never made a mistake
has never tried anything new.

Albert Einstein

About us and our work

The mission of Cafe Nexo is to seek and share universal truths by means of critical thinking.

We believe in the right of all people to life and liberty, from birth until death. We encourage the kind of grassroots diplomacy and cooperation that proceeds from interacting with individuals in other nations and cultures. In order to accomplish that, it is vital to have unrestricted access to information.

We express our solidarity with all human beings in their struggle to better their conditions. We do not support a particular religion or system of government; rather we recognize the right of all people to choose to organize in any way that benefits them.

Cafe Nexo is the work of Chiefy, his devoted family, and some very enthusiastic fans. We operate on a volunteer basis.

We are not affiliated with the following causes, but we highly recommend them. We do our best to assure that the organizations we favor are legitimate and effective. Your feedback about these causes, or anything else, is most welcome. Please feel free to email Chiefy, or share your opinions at Chiefy's Word.

All the words here may be reprinted under the standard Creative Commons license (See below.). Just mention the source and provide a link back to us.

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Featured Causes:

Walk Free
Walk Free

Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch

Cultural Survival
Cultural Survival

Join the campaign!
Amnesty International

Ploughshares Fund
Ploughshares Fund

Foundation for Sustainable Development
Foundation for Sustainable Development

Humanity at work.
Foundation Beyond Belief

Change today. Choose Fairtrade.
The Fairtrade Foundation

Who to believe on climate change, Heartland? Or every national scientific academy in the world.
The Climate Reality Project

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