Scooter and the Licky Dog

Chiefy has been taking some time “off” to share with the family. Slick and Scooter are always entertaining. I will return to a more regular routine soon; in the meantime, here is a hint of the frantic pace of my life these days. Enjoy.

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The Trinity

I originally published some thoughts on the Trinity on October 18, 2013. It became lost in cyberspace due to technical problems, but I have developed a few new ideas since then that may contribute additional understanding. Ineffably Yours I believe the official Church teaching on the Trinity causes Christians no end of confusion because it has no connection to reality. The Church formalized her definition of the Holy Trinity in the 4th century, using language like "very God of very Read more [...]
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Christian Nation

For those who think that the USA is, or ever has been, a Christian nation, remember that the good European Christians who founded it did so by killing and enslaving non-Christians. Those good Christians robbed the land from the Natives and kidnapped Africans to work the fields, killing huge numbers of them in the process. Do you feel comfortable claiming the name "Christian" for your country, given those facts? If the U.S. is a Christian nation, it is so in the most depraved sense of the term. A Read more [...]
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Life Begins at Consciousness

I once said that the issue of consciousness does not determine at what point a developing human being becomes a person, at what point life begins. I think I was wrong about that. Perhaps that is exactly the criterion we should use to determine "personhood." When Life Begins Is it ever acceptable to abort a human fetus? Is it always acceptable, or perhaps only in some circumstances? Does the physical and mental condition of the mother make a difference? Stage of fetal development? Determining Read more [...]
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Skin Turnover (Thank Science)

When I saw this Pickles cartoon about how much skin turnover we experience each year, I had to investigate. Forty pounds of dead skin cells just didn't sound right. Nothing against the cartoon strip, it's hilarious. I simply insist on accuracy. Maybe I'm a little OCD. Anyway, it turns out I was right about the figure being wrong, although it isn't as far off as I thought. The Internet is a wonderful thing. You can find whatever you are looking for, even if it's wrong. So I found when I Read more [...]
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Eternal Memories and Eternal Life

What would it be like to live forever? Would you run out of new things to do, new things to learn, after a few thousand years? Let's see if we can imagine it. Here's the setup: suppose, for the sake of argument, that we have been granted eternal life. We have some kind of “spiritualized” bodies that will never get sick or wear out, and our minds will remain sharp. What about our memories? Eternal Memories There are two possibilities: either we will be able to remember everything perfectly, Read more [...]
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Homophobic Robert Jeffress

So when I saw this post about how Pastor Robert Jeffress is supposed to be homophobic, it caught my interest, and I had to investigate. I didn't know much about Jeffress, and I don't like to pass on incomplete or misleading information. The article linked to was inconclusive, in my estimation. Yes, I could see he holds a narrow view of marriage—one man, one woman—but that in itself doesn't make him a bigot. It could just be a difference of opinion. The question is whether he would try to enforce Read more [...]
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The Right to Offend

On January 12, Maajid Nawaz tweeted an image of a cartoon. The events that are still unfolding from that innocuous act deserve attention, and I can't phrase it any better than did Kenan Malik: on the importance of the right to offend ‘Thank you @Channel4News you just pushed us liberal Muslims further into a ditch’. So tweeted Maajid Nawaz, prospective Liberal Democratic parliamentary candidate for Hampstead and Kilburn, last night. He had every right to be incandescent. Channel 4 Read more [...]
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Global Warming Deniers Want Big Government

Really? Very odd, but it does seem that way. Global warming deniers—those who claim to know more about climate science than climate scientists do—make a lot of noise about the threat of big government. If they go so far as to admit the climate is changing,  they assert that the only way to deal with it would be overwhelming government control. Which, they assure us, would be worse than any ill effects from the changing climate. Bucket Argument The denial argument used to be “Global warming Read more [...]
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Evangelizing, as a Hypothetical Christian

I think Christians generally do an inadequate job of evangelizing. I did poorly when I was an evangelical. That’s partly because Christian mythology is incoherent and confusing. If I believed in the Christian god now, and were trying to win over the unsaved, here’s what I would tell the potential convert: There is no hell. God is not bent on punishing people. Our version of the story of the Fall and expulsion from the Garden is badly composed. It is not meant to be about capital punishment for Read more [...]
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