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Hypothetical God

Originally posted on 2013/10/11. Full disclosure: I do not believe in anything supernatural. I don’t really even know what “supernatural” is. But what if there were a creator and controller of the cosmos, with qualities similar to those attributed to … Continue reading

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Atheism is Relative

A few times friends have asked me, “So, you’re an atheist, now?” I responded with what is becoming my standard answer of relative atheism, which I will define for you shortly. First I have to explain what it is about … Continue reading

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Homosexualist Debate

I got into a discussion with a Facebook friend that I would like to open up for discussion. I have included our whole conversation, minus a few comments on blog formats. Posted on Sunday, April 29, 2012 by Tom Usher … Continue reading

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Faith: I’m the cat curiosity killed.

Or, Why I am Such a Heretic Thanks, Mom Do what your mother tells you! Always good advice, assuming your mother is at least semi-rational. I obeyed Dad because I didn’t think I had a choice. I did what Mom … Continue reading

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