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Je Suis Charlie

The Slate headline reads: News Outlets Are Censoring Images of Cartoons That May Have Incited Charlie Hebdo Attack. Whatever else we say, I insist that what incited that attack was not humorous cartoons, but a perverted religious faith. The sadly … Continue reading

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The Right to Offend

On January 12, Maajid Nawaz tweeted an image of a cartoon that he said need not offend anyone. The events that are still unfolding from that innocuous act deserve attention, and I can’t phrase it any better than did Kenan Malik: … Continue reading

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Istanbul United

To say that there is something more important than football (what Americans call soccer) is heresy to many fans. Sadly, in the real world, it may be true. There is in the works a new documentary that covers a longing for … Continue reading

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THE CISPA BLACKOUT — A Message from Your Anon News: On Monday, April 22, we are asking you to dedicate at least a portion of your day to help us fight CISPA. What is CISPA, you may ask… CISPA, or … Continue reading

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I get tired of friends telling me that slavery isn’t necessarily so bad, that it was different in Old Testament times. Is that so? What do you do with this? When a man strikes his male or female slave with … Continue reading

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I often hear people say they don’t believe everything in the Bible, but they try to follow the Ten Commandments; Christians will say that, although they don’t subscribe to all the Old Testament laws, not stoning rebellious children for instance, … Continue reading

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On Weak Apologies

Finally, after three days of verbal attacks on the character of Sandra Fluke, Rush Limbaugh has issued a public apology. You can decide for yourself whether it might be genuine, or a response to pressure from advertisers or the network. … Continue reading

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Gay Rights from a Christian Perspective

Full disclosure: I consider myself a Christian in that I follow Jesus of Nazareth. I understand that this definition doesn’t work for a lot of people, but that’s where I stand. My view on LGBT issues like same-sex marriage is … Continue reading

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