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Liberal Climate Change Outlook

How are liberal climate change policies determined? Why are conservatives so often opposed to action to deal with climate change? There is a particular explanation of the two points of view that I keep running across. I generally see pieces … Continue reading

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The Right to Offend

On January 12, Maajid Nawaz tweeted an image of a cartoon that he said need not offend anyone. The events that are still unfolding from that innocuous act deserve attention, and I can’t phrase it any better than did Kenan Malik: … Continue reading

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To The Disappointed

Barack Obama won the election with slightly more than 50% of the popular vote, after most conservative talking heads gave Romney the advantage. The right wingers don’t get it. How could this have happened? Obama’s not against abortion, he doesn’t … Continue reading

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Just Another Facebook Debate

My philosophy is: Maybe you can’t always be nice, but if you can’t say something true, don’t say anything at all. I reposted this graphic in Facebook yesterday. As a result, there was some rather nasty feedback. I deleted some … Continue reading

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Democracy and Terminology

I am sorry to have to report that two terms, “capitalism” and “socialism,” have died. We all know what they used to mean, forms of practical economics, “capitalism” involving private ownership and free trade; while “socialism” implying common ownership of … Continue reading

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