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This is Not the Prophet Muhammad

(Update below) I have to admit I don’t quite understand why some religious people get upset by what they consider to be forbidden images of their gods or other holy beings; Muslims in particular, regarding likenesses of the Prophet Muhammad. … Continue reading

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Je Suis Charlie

The Slate headline reads: News Outlets Are Censoring Images of Cartoons That May Have Incited Charlie Hebdo Attack. Whatever else we say, I insist that what incited that attack was not humorous cartoons, but a perverted religious faith. The sadly … Continue reading

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The Right to Offend

On January 12, Maajid Nawaz tweeted an image of a cartoon that he said need not offend anyone. The events that are still unfolding from that innocuous act deserve attention, and I can’t phrase it any better than did Kenan Malik: … Continue reading

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Skeptics and Closed Minds

Skeptic: A person inclined to question or doubt all accepted opinions. A Little History I have been accused of having a closed mind, because I mentioned that I think astrology is bunk. A closed mind, really? I’m the ultimate skeptic, which … Continue reading

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