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Global Warming Alarmist

Though I have been called an “alarmist”, I am not. I am more of a Pollyanna; I tend to be overly optimistic about coming events. I am usually the one to say, “It’ll be fine; don’t worry.” Yet in the case … Continue reading

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Skin Turnover (Thank Science)

When I saw this Pickles cartoon about how much skin turnover we experience each year, I had to investigate. Forty pounds of dead skin cells just didn’t sound right. Nothing against the cartoon strip, it’s hilarious. I simply insist on … Continue reading

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Religion versus Science

In the controversy on whether religion and science are compatible, it’s easy: Science is about real stuff and things that actually happen. Religion is about other stuff. No conflict at all. Religion versus science, pfffft! Next problem. Source for image: Think … Continue reading

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The Problem of Faith

I happened across this article from February, 2012, Why the Believer Knows More About Science, by Stacy Trasancos, and I found it interesting because it illustrates what may be the single most destructive aspect of religious faith. The author attempts to … Continue reading

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